Self-help Resources

We sell several books and a CD aimed at providing research-based, practical, self-help instructions for tackling common problems. Please contact us by phone (07 5563 8932) or email ( to place orders and find out postage costs. Prices include GST.

Living with Anxiety

Dr Bob Montgomery & Dr Laurel Morris. Our practical manual for managing Living with Anxietyanxiety and its problems. Covers general anxiety, panic and agoraphobia, phobias, social anxiety and social phobias, post traumatic stress disorder and obsessive-compulsive problems. $24 + P&P.

Coping Skills for Anxiety and Depression (audio CD)

Coping Skills CD Dr Bob Montgomery.
Introduces three basic coping skills for managing anxious or depressing feelings and thoughts, and instructions for both quick relaxation and deep relaxation. $22 + P&P

Surviving: Coping with a Life Crisis

Surviving: Coping with a Life CrisisDr Bob Montgomery & Dr Laurel Morris.
Our practical manual for managing common life crises, including crime, assault, rape, death, grief, family crises, life stage crises, and natural or human-caused disasters. For survivors, family, friends & counsellors. $21 + P&P

Working Together: A practical guide to collaborative decision making

Working TogetherDr Bob Montgomery.
A manual for introducing collaborative decision-making into your workplace or organisation, for improved productivity and reduced job stress. Step-by-step instructions, based on our projects in Australian workplaces and research; teaches the prerequisite skills of communication, conflict-resolution, assertion, and problem solving. Good for school councils and similar committees. $10 + P&P

You Can Lose Weight

You Can Lose WeightDr Bob Montgomery & Dr Laurel Morris.
Our manual presenting a practical, comprehensive and scientifically-tested program for losing excess weight and maintaining a healthy and attractive weight; explains the real causes of overweight, why popular weight loss approaches fail and how to design and stick to your own individual program. $10 + P&P.